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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Winter Vacation: Part Three/Arlington

 This post, I think, will be one that doesn't require many words or explanations. Walking miles through this cemetery was a sobering thing. Over 400,000 men and women who gave their lives for our country, for what they believed was right, are buried there. It is truly a sacred place and it is something I will never forget.

 JFK's gravesite.

 Gramps and Grams

 Robert E. Lee's house up on the hill.

 Tomb of the unknown soldier.

Something to lighten the mood! This little captain america bobble head was in a memorial case along with other memorabilia dedicated to soldiers in Iraq.

Part Four coming soon: Museum of Natural History.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Winter Vacation: Part Two

 Finally at Grams' and Gramps' in DC, Monday night.

 Getting ready to open gifts.

 Kathryn being sneaky....

 Something was funny I guess

 Mah brotha. Love that kid.

My book I wanted. Yes. 

 Mer and Lily with their Anna and Elsa nightgowns.

 Jared with his stuff

 James with his tools
(Us three were the only ones who got gifts)
(Just Kidding).

 Air and Space Museum, Tuesday Morning.

 Gramps and the girls.




 More Planes! :D
 In the Elevator...

 Observation Tower.

 Dulles airport in the distance.

 Family picture...
...except for me...'cuz I took the picture..



 Tired kids,

 Kathryn <3

 Back of the space shuttle,

 Side of the space shuttle,


 front of the space shuttle,

 space food..

 ..and cameras.

 smallest plane ever.


 Yours Truly.

 First look at the Washington Monument.

 Downtown Washington DC

 In front of the white house. I know these captions are really obvious, but I have to write something. 

 Washington Monument.

 Another selfie.

WW II Veteran's Memorial.

 Walking along the reflection pool towards the Lincoln memorial.

 Miss Lily. 


 Dad, Mom and the girls.

 This is what happens when you put my Dad in DC.
Bless his lil' cotton socks.

Coming soon: Arlington.